The modular checkout counter ESA

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Can a new product revolutionise the entire LaFortezza checkout division?

The answer is yes, when the product consists of a true system that introduces a new philosophy: 
a checkout managed in the same way as
modular shelving.

ESA is not just the new LaFortezza checkout, but a novel highly innovative concept designed by the group’s R&D unit, Fortezza Concept.
It is a MODULAR system, produced using components covered by International patents, that make the checkout more SOLID and STURDY
and allow a number of different configurations: with squared or r ounded-heads, with the ABILITY TO CHANGE THE VERSE ON SITE
(ex: from right checkout to left checkout). Yet again, Quality is not improvised with LaFortezza.

A new concept that involves easy and fast on-site assembly of the checkout thanks to the extremely limited number of components.


• The steel interior of the deck is a SINGLE PIECE, preventing the accumulation of crumbs and impurities inside the checkout structure;
• The checkout is fitted with front and rear buffers made from HD RECYCLABLE polyethylene;
• The Plexiglas scanner protection is fitted with a sheet metal rack system that makes it possible to apply a vast range of accessories;
• Expandable control panel with microchips controlling 2 motors, 3 220V checkout lights, 12 V LED lights, automatisms for the 2 motors
and photocells.