TÜV certified Fortezza products


In July 2011, La Fortezza’s plants in Italy and in Russia obtained the prestigious TÜV certification for the F25, F50, Fortissimo, Multirack, Universal and Unimob shelving lines, a guarantee of product efficiency and reliability.

The procedure for obtaining product certification consist of three stages:

Stage I: check of product compliance with the reference standards;
Stage II: evaluation of the procedures adopted by the manufacturer to guarantee the maintenance over time of the characteristics of the sample presented;
Stage III: once product certification has been obtained, the TÜV SÜD Product Service technicians periodically check that the company continues to apply the quality assurance procedures and to maintain the efficiency of the testing equipment so that the certified products do not undergo modifications that can compromise their standards of reliability and safety.

Why TÜV?
More and more companies that want to highlight the level of quality and safety of their products are applying for TÜV certification, in order to offer their customers products that exceed the minimum legal requirements in terms of reliability.

In addition to giving our company the leading edge over its competitors, this certification demonstrates the efforts made by La Fortezza to provide the market with safer shelving.