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The opening of the new store of the Somma group, which took place on December the 5th in the shopping mall “Le Cotoniere” of Salerno, introduces the concept of “Expert Touch”: a point of sale that communicates with e-commerce.

The challenge was to make traditional sales systems, products display and market innovations more complementary with those of e-commerce, to optimize the systems and increase sales, as well as the offer to the customer.

For this reason Competence has been developed this project  involving every aspect of the sales area, from the choice of floors to the re-design of display consisting of free-touch tables replacing classic gondolas. Great importance was given to the choice of lighting systems: warmer and scenic ambient lights with decorative backlighting and use of LEDs in different colors.

A few days after the opening circulation inside the store was much better than before and an increased sales of all product segments was registered; there was also an increase in the average ticket value and an increase in sales of medium to high-end products.