The new Showroom in Pianoro

At the end of June 2014 we have completed the set up of the “RETAIL” side of a brand new Showroom in our headquarters in Pianoro.

La Fortezza product range goes from hypermarket to the warehouse, to the store of electronics and to other sectors . Let them live together in a single space was our first mission. The second objective was to create a container not too predominant, to prevent the “container exceeding the content” (as is often the case for museums).

Therefore, we have re-invented a workspace in which the mix of furniture is offered in such a way that “it does not close the circle of a project”: a stage that we want to leave to our clients, designers and consultants.

This corresponds with a harmonized scale of colors ranging from white to cream, from beige to taupe. We did not want to use color schemes based on existing customer formats, but a neutral and delicate scale, in apparent contrast with the criteria of strength of the metal, the core material of the company production. The third point we want to highlight is the”work in progress” of our Showroom, leaving spaces open to new ideas, priducts and changes. We have in mind important additions and integrations, this beeing the result of our daily exchanges with customers.


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