MoveFLOW Hybrid


MFM 2.160

Do you want to reduce queuing, minimize staff and give your express customers the option of a convenient checkout? MoveFLOW HYBRID offers the best of both conventional checkout (CCO) and self checkout (SCO).
The situation in the checkout arena can change quickly from low to high load. Therefore it is important to be able to quickly respond to peaks in customer flow.

At times, with few customers the MoveFLOW HYBRID is configured as a Self Checkout and several units can easily be operated by one attendant. The MoveFLOW HYBRID self checkouts can quickly, if necessary, be converted to manned checkouts to increase capacity and service.

The system has a small footprint and is very clean and smart, making it easy for staff and shoppers to understand. The MoveFLOW HYBRID can be equipped with card payment and integrated cash management. ITAB currently offer two levels of cash management systems with different speed, capacity, simplicity and security levels.

All MoveFLOW systems are POS independent and fully integrated with ITAB SCO-API interface.