Reverse scanner set


The new “REVOLVING” SCANNER SET allows you to convert a cash desk from normal to self-scanning / self-payment with a simple rotation of 180° of central part.

1) The maximum of functionality is achieved if the station is expected to be used only with credit or debit card: in this case, you just add the pin-pad and receipt printer to the desk.

2) You can combine the revolving scanner with payment machines from NCR placed in front of the deck to obtain the maximum autonomy in payment: in this case the customer, as well as performing the self-scanning of the products, can pay either by credit card or cash.


abc0513_brevetto-3                             abc0513_brevetto-4

Of course this system can be installed on traditional cash desks, individuals or double, or on compact desks EXPRESS.

abc0513 carug-1                   abc0609-1