Sapori&Dintorni Conad | Napoli (Italy)

The new Conad store “Sapori&Dintorni”, opened February 9th, 2015 in the heart of Naples, is a remarkable combination between the retail world and the excellence of Italian food. The store is part of a unique concept, called Gourmeet, the union of “gourmet” and “meet” (meeting place). The complex covers a total of ​​850 square meters divided between sales area, restaurant, café and a space dedicated to the famous “custard bomb”, the specialty of the Star chef Niko Romito.

The sales area is dominated by a dome that allows the natural light from above. Almost all the furniture is signed by La Fortezza: in the center, the “Steelfruit & vegetables island; along the perimeter, the bakery counter and rear counter, the fish counter, the gastronomy rear counter, the wine cellar, the LED lit “Frame” wire shelving and the self payment checkouts. In addition to the sale area, but not less important, the furniture of café area, stainless steel furniture for laboratories and the space branded “Bomba” inside the dining area.



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