Zôdio | Rozzano (Milan, Italy)

First Italian opening of french store Zôdio (Group ADEO), store dedicated to housewares. Its 2,800 square meters covers a wide range of products, including many high-end brands, that can be summarized with “everything to equip, decorate and personalize your home”. This innovative format, greatly impacting in terms of display, is developed along a main “horseshoe” path, where products are divided into many thematic corners in which the display of samples on the higher levels is an integral part of the decoration. The concept of the shop goes well beyond the product display: it is in fact characterized by laboratories and workshops where cooks and experts of creative decoration hold courses and offer personalized advice to customers on a daily bases.

All ground furniture, including workshops, custom made checkout counters and warehouse is being developed by La Fortezza: the shelving is all pitch 50, starting from the standard to the many displays especially designed for Zôdio. The opening day was a public success that Zodio has also shared with us by expressing his satisfaction for both order management and assembly, as well as for the end result.

Zôdio opened his first store in France in 2007; today the stores beyond in France are 13. The format includes surfaces between 3.000 and 4.000 square meters.


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