La Fortezza adopts the Code of Ethics


La Fortezza has adopted its own Organisational, Management and Control Model under the Legislative Decree 8th June 2001 no. 231, with resolution dated 16 February 2016.

Through the Model, the Company intends to assert and promote a company culture based on legality, transparency, ethics, fairness and respect for rules also stressing that, in keeping with the strict principles adopted by it, no unlawful behavior will be allowed even if it committed in the interest or to the advantage of the Company.

Closely related to the Model is the Code of Ethics, which was also adopted by La Fortezza, in which they are identified principles and values much broader than those resulting from compliance with regulatory requirement.

The whole of the ethical principles and values expressed in the Code should inspire the work of all those working in La Fortezza, taking into account the importance of roles as well as the complexity of functions and responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the Company’s purposes. An ethical guideline is an essential approach in the reliability of LA FORTEZZA behavior towards the entire civil and economic context in which the Company operates.





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